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Projects: past & present

Ntomeni Rangers Services (NRS) have been involved in a number of Conservation Projects in Africa, notably


Advising on the security of the Northern White Rhino in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Developing the security plan for the introduction of Black Rhino in Liwonde National Park in Malawi and training of the Anti Poaching Unit.

Advising on the security of the Black Rhino in the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti NP in Tanzania.

Advising on security of the Quisama National Park in Angola.

Advising on security in the Manovo Gounda St Floris National Park in the Central African Republic


Developing the Law Enforcement Operation in the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique​

Developing the Tactical Aerial Reaction capability and managing an advanced reaction team in Sabi Sand Wildtuin

Prominent Long Term Projects

Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Ntomeni took over the protection of the Sabie Sand Private Game Reserve on the 1st of December 2013. At that stage the reserve had lost 62 rhino at a rate of about 1 animal per week. Using a combination of extended clandestine patrols, low level deception techniques and field intelligence gathering operations, the situation was brought under control. During 2014, rhino losses dropped by 74% and during 2015, the losses dropped by 85%. In 2017 the losses were dropped  even further by 98%. 


NRS' mission in the Sabi Sand is to keep rhino losses at an acceptable level that maintains a stable population with continued growth.


These actions led to several armed shootouts, the recovery of firemarms and sadly the loss of lives. This is  one of the very few rhino anti-poaching success stories in South Africa since 2008 when the poaching situation started escalating.

Kruger National Park & Ezemvelo

As the rhino poaching problem increased, Kruger National Park turned to NRS for assistance. NRS then presented Specialized Training to all their 400 Field Rangers and 25 Section Rangers to better counter the poaching threat. From 2010, over a 4 year period, NRS presented Advanced Field Ranger Training to all Kruger National Park Field Rangers as well as Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Anti-Poaching Units and some prominent Private Game Reserves.

The success that KNP rangers are having against armed poachers since 2010 speaks for itself and NRS pride itself with this achievement.

Welgevonden Private Game Reserve

Over a five year period the security of this 35,000 hectare reserve was developed into a model for other Private Game Reserves. The 120 kilometer electric fence was patrolled on foot daily by 12h00 hours.

The 5 Access gates were manned 24 hours by highly disciplined and visitor friendly Gate Guards.

The Anti-Poaching team consisted of ten well trained, armed and equipped Field Rangers. During this five year period, no rhino losses occurred. 

Makuleke Community Project

This project is the pride of Ntomeni Ranger Services. In partnership with Wilderness Safaris and the Makuleke CPA, 25 community members were recruited and trained as Field Rangers to protect the Makuleke Region of the Kruger National Park.

NRS is the only private Wildlife Security Provider to be allowed by S A National Parks to operate inside a National Park, protecting wildlife.

The Makuleke Region shares a 25 Kilometer boundary with Zimbabawe across the Limpopo river. Mozambique is situated to the East and it forms the famous Crook’s Corner. To the west was a 20 kilometer boundary with the poorest communities in South Africa. This led to a huge snare poaching problem from 3 different countries, which took NRS about 18 months, hard work and numerous arrests to get under control. After a period of 3 years a total of 3500 old and new snares were recovered and the snare poaching situation finally brought under control. The absence of snares resulted in the return of a healthy pride of lions. During this time, 8 rhinos were reintroduced and successfully protected. The cooperation with local communities in Zimbabwe as well as the Zimbabwe Wildlife Authority and Hunting Outfitters was crucial for the success. After 7 years NRS handed control of the area back to Kruger National Park.

Umbabat Private Nature Reserve

NRS is currently protecting a portion of the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve (UPNR) which borders directly to the west of the Kruger National Park.

NRS brought severe theft of solar panels under control, often chasing Mozambique thieves, tracking them on foot across the Kruger National Park up to the Mozambique border, a distance of about 70 kilometers. The solar panel theft ceased in 2008 when rhino poaching started. 

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