​The overall objective of the training is to upgrade field intelligence gathering, improve area coverage, counter any armed threat, develop junior leadership skills and build capacity of wildlife conservation staff.



1.   Protected Area Security Operations

2.   Patrol Leaders 

3.   Field Ranger Training 

     - Basic and Advanced training​​ 

4.   Basic Tracking and Field Intelligence 

5.   Rhino Monitor​

6.   Shooting Proficiency

7.   Instructors Course 

8.   Retraining​

1.   Anti-Poaching Patrols

2.   Crisis Management 

3.   Special Investigations

4.   Security and Training Assessments  

5.   Boma Security

6.   Wilderness Protection

7.   Lecturing



NRS has spent the last two years developing a Field Intelligence Station. The objective is to incorporate the same principles of Battlefield/Combat Intelligence which is used in the military.

It involves systematic and continuous analyses of the threat and environment in a specific geographic area, allowing Anti-Poaching unit commanders to selectively apply and maximise combat power at critical points in time and space. Thereby optimizing: 1) patrol placement within their area of operation, and 2) their ability to predict the threat's most likely course of action.

Extinction is Forever

Fax: (+27) 58 913 3894​

​Cell: +(27) 82 620 5962

Tel: (+27) 76 307 6797​

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