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Ntomeni Ranger Services

Extinction is Forever


​In establishing the company, the proprietor was inspired by two major events in recent history:

               The current plight of wildlife in Africa, in particular the                sorry status of the Black Rhino.


               The White Rhino success story by the Natal Parks                       oard of S.A last century.

With above serving as a firm motivational base, the following mission statement supports the objectives of the company.



“To upgrade the security of protected wildlife areas to acceptable standards and to improve the technical capabilities of ground cover units in these protected areas.”

Operations are driven by a strong emphasis on field leadership, training and equipping teams to perform effectively.

Optimum utilization of manpower and available equipment, coupled with our experience and hands on approach will contribute to maximizing results and efficiency.

Responsibility is delegated to all levels of management and professionalism IS guaranteed.


Jack joined the SADF in 1971 at the age of sixteen and became the youngest Permanent Force member to complete the tough Part One Instructors Course at the Infantry School in Oudtshoorn. He later passed the tough Recce selection course and served in 1 Reconnaissance Regiment as a Combat Operator for eleven years. Passing through the ranks, he resigned from the Recces as a Major, becoming one of the most decorated soldiers of his time in the South African Defence Force.


After leaving the SADF, Jack went on to pursue his second childhood dream of becoming a Game Ranger in the Kruger National Park. During his time serving as a Game Ranger, he trained Field Rangers and directed Anti-Poaching operations in the Kruger National Park and elsewhere in Africa. For his achievements, he was awarded the Game Ranger Association of Africa's Award for Excellence in 1994. After leaving the Kruger National Park, Jack started his own wildlife security company, Ntomeni Ranger Services in 2001, where he has been involved in private wildlife security operations in various reserves across South Africa (see Projects). In 2014 he was awarded third place for Best Conservation Practitioner at the Rhino Conservation Awards. 

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